CableMaster 800

Professional Cabling Tester and Network Diagnostic Tool

CableMaster 800 is a professional cable tester equipped with an RJ45 jack for network cables and an F-type connector for coaxial cables. The CableMaster 800 verifies the wire map, determines the cable length and distance to the fault. The results can be saved and documented using the PC-based reporting software. In addition, the CableMaster 800 offers a multitude of network diagnostics features for trouble-shooting such as cable tracing, link detection up to 1Gb/s, Ping, network discovery, PoE
tests and much more.

The CableMaster 800 is perfectly suited for professional installers and network operators who are challenged with testing and troubleshooting network (RJ45) and coaxial cabling in active networks.


The CableMaster 800 professional cable tester is highly versatile – whether during installation, to verify which outlet is connected to the appropriate port in the patch panel, after installation, for quality testing and documentation of the cabling, or for in-service trouble-shooting of the network.
The test results are displayed on the full-colour graphic screen in a clear and easy to understand way. Test results can be saved in the device and be exported to the PC for evaluation or documentation with the free PC reporting software.

Cable Testing
CableMaster 800 features extensive test capabilities for RJ45 network, telephone and
coaxial cabling. Consisting of a main unit and a test/ID remote, the CableMaster 800 is the
perfect tool to test RJ45 cabling displaying the results in a wire map format on a full colour
graphical display. It verifies continuity, tests for reversals, miswires, split pairs, shorts, and
opens. The cable length and the distance to the open will be determined using the integrated TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer).
CableMaster 800 features an integrated tone generator to send a modulated audible
signal into the cable which is detected by an optional tone probe used for cable tracing
(unscreened unlabelled cables) and outlet/port identification. Numbered cable ID remotes
allow the user easily to identify which outlet is connected to the appropriate patch
panel port.

Network Testing
CableMaster 800 enables rapid identification of network ports/outlets while displaying
link capability and current link status. With the added network discovery features,
any broadcasted devices in the network can be discovered and displayed and saved
as a list. Pinging individual or lists of IPV4 and IPV6 addresses as well as a URL will detect
their availability.
• CDP/LLDP/NDP and VLAN identification will rapidly provide information on the network
• Moreover, PoE (Power over Ethernet) presence will be displayed and can be tested
with a load test compliant with IEEE 802.3 af/at.

Save and Report
Cable test results can be saved in the main unit and be exported to the PC-based reporting software via the included USB cable to create professional test reports.

  • Tests network and coaxial cables (RJ45 jack and F-type connector)
  • Displays wire map in graphical format for rapid trouble-shooting
  • Determines cable length and distance to the cable fault performing a full TDR measurement
  • Cable/port identification using the cable/port ID remotes
  • PoE detection and load testLink test up to 1 Gb/s to identify link capability and current link status
  • Pinging of individual or lists of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well as any URL on internet
  • Network Discovery creates lists of broadcasted devices
  • CDP/LLDP/NDP and VLAN discovery
  • High resolution colour display for excellent readability in any environment
  • Generation of test reports and documentation with PC-based reporting software

CableMaster 800 – Included in the kit:
Professional cable tester, incl. 1 network/tel testing and ID remote, 6xAA batteries, 2 RJ45 cables, micro USB cable, pouch

CableMaster 850 – Included in the kit:
Professional cable tester, incl. 1 CableTracker CT15 tone probe, 8 network/tel testing and ID remotes, 1 cable assembly RJ45 to alligator clips, 1-20 coax ID remotes, 6xAA batteries, 9 RJ45 cables, micro USB cable, pouch

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