LanExpert 85

Dual Media Inline Gigabit Network Analyzer

The essential tool for LAN installers, technicians, managers and service providers

The LanExpert 85 network analyzer provides expert assistance for all tiers of LAN installers, technicians and managers working with either copper or fiber media. An extensive suite of test capabilities include: Link Detection, Ping and Trace Route to verify network connectivity; Single Ended or Inline Packet Monitoring, Filtering and Capture to identify and solve complex problems; User defined Traffic Generation and structured RFC 2544 Stress Test to predict network performance under varying load conditions; Loopback, VoIP and Email tests to ensure proper performance of key network services.

The LanExpert is a single solution for network professionals to quickly maintain and optimize networks from the fiber or cable to the packet.



The Inline Mode allows users to non-intrusively monitor network traffic (10/100/1000BaseTX) to identify protocols, port usage, VoIP statistics and network utilization. The LANEXPERT can capture and store up to 10,000 packets with user defined filters for detailed analysis in the field or downloaded over the network or to a USB flash drive. Using either RJ-45 port, tests including Ping, Link, Trace Route, DHCP and Discovery are used to quickly identify network problems The LANEXPERT can generate up to 100% traffic loading with control of packet rate and size to demonstrate network performance at various traffic levels.

Additionally, a stress test that generates traffic and measures performance metrics, in accordance with RFC 2544, is also provided. The stress test can be conducted using the two independent ports on a single unit or used with a second unit located remotely on a network. PoE tests include voltage and inline current measurement to determine the actual power used by a powered device. The LANEXPERT also test cables for shorts, opens, split pairs, reversed pairs, measures cable length and generates tones for cable tracing.

The LANEXPERT is a comprehensive network analyzer that allows users to deliver robust and reliable network services with a single test device. LAN installers, technicians, managers and service providers can now get expert network help at an affordable price.

Dual Media – Fiber and Copper
Optical Rx and Tx power (in dBm) and the internal temperature
Inline Network Analysis
Expert Advice
Network Connectivity Tests
Packet Capture and Monitoring
Traffic Generator
Stress Test – RFC 2544
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 6.5 in. x 4.0 in. x 2.8 in. / 165 mm x 102 mm x 71 mm
Weight 22 ounces; 626 grams
Interface Color LCD Touchscreen Display (320x240xRGB)
Power Li-Ion Battery Pack; AC Power
Link Connections 1.25Gb Single Mode or Multimode Fiber, 10/100/1000Base-TX
Test Modes Inline; Single Ended; Dual Independent
Operating Temperature 32°F to 122°F / 0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature 14°F to 131°F / -10°C to 55°C


NEW Version 3.3 Console Program compatible with Windows 7 and Previous Windows Versions. Now has Report Generating Capabilities for Stress Test and Network Analysis

To download the LANEXPERTTM Console Program click on the word
 LANEXPERT CONSOLE 3.3 (Needed for firmware versions 1.34 and above)



The latest firmware for the LANEXPERT85TM is v2.02

**WARNING** This Firmware is only for the LanExpert 85. Using this firmware with any other product will cause that unit to become inoperable and will need to be returned to the factory for Service. (Service fee will apply)

Download and read first: Instructions
To update to this version click on the word FIRMWARE and download the files shown and follow the directions.
The Relase Notes will help you to find out what is new.

For units with serial number 800483 or below, please contact Psiber Support for assistance in updating firmware. Click on Contact Info.

Analyze Network Test
Q: My LanExpert finds many runt packets. Why is that?
A: A runt frame is an Ethernet frame that is less than the IEEE 802.3 minimum length of 64 octets. Possible causes are collision, underruns, a bad network card or software. The LanExpert is design to find runts per the standard.
Q: My LanExpert does not connect to my network. What do I do?
A: In factory default the LanExpert uses DHCP to retrieve its IP information. If your network is not DHCP, select Profile 2 and input an IP, subnet and gateway address to connect to your network. If the problem still occurs, then look at the current Port configuration under setup.
Q: Why don?t I see the partner?s capabilities?
A: If a Fixed speed is selected (in the Setup under Ports) then the LanExpert connects at that specific speed only and does not check the far ends capability. Select Auto under SPEED to see Partners Capabilities.
Q: Why does it say MDI-X Not Tested?
A: Psiber has its own Link As option called Auto+Detect. If this option is selected, MDI-X will be filled in with Auto MDI-X (LAN) or MDI-X (NIC). Auto+Detect allows for more information about the link to be displayed. Some SOHO gigabit switches might not work with this configuration.
Q: On the Link Screen, what does Partner mean under Signal?
A: 1000BASE-T requires that auto-negotiation establish a Master-Slave relationship between the two devices. Typically, a multi-port device (switch) will assume the role of Master and single-port devices (servers, end stations, etc.) will be the slave unit. The 1000BASE-T protocol has a means of arbitrating which device will assume a given role (master/slave). The purpose of this Master/Slave relationship is to determine which device will provide the clock for the link.
Q: Where do I see the IP information once I am linked
A: Once Linked, select the down arrow on the scroll bar to view IP information including Port MAC, IP, Subnet, Gateway, DHCP, WINS, DNS1, DNS2, DNS3 addresses and Lease time (if using DHCP).
Q: Why do I only see Unassigned next to all the IP information?
A: Make sure the LanExpert is linked to the network and that your DHCP Server is working properly. If using static IP, then make sure the IP information is entered into the Ports profile under setup.
Q: What type of packets does the traffic generator produce?
A: The LanExpert uses UDP packets.
Q: Why don?t I see more information about the traffic under Traffic Generate?
A: Sync the IP address to another LanExpert or the other port of the current LanExpert (independent mode) on the network to see Received packets, lost packets, seq error, duplicate packets and roundtrip time.
Q: Why are the Port LEDs on top of the unit still flashing red?
A: If both are flashing, the LanExpert is trying to connect to the network. If one LED stops flashing and is a solid color then that Port is connected.
Q: Why does one of the LED turn a solid color but the other LED is still flashing?
A: Inline and Independent mode needs both network cables connected to the LanExpert. The unit will not start collecting data until both of the ports have established a connection to the network. Set configuration selecting Setup then press the PORTS button.
Q: What does Capture and Detectors mean on the SAVE screen? It seems that some tests on Analyze Network can be saved and some are not.?
A: SAVE – Capture is used to store the frames in the Frame Capture mode. Up to 8000 frames in each of 10 memory storage locations can be stored. Once stored the frames must be downloaded to the computer and viewed in the Wireshark protocol analysis software (this is a free software package go to to download the latest version). SAVE – Detectors is used to store all the information shown in the Link, Problems, Vitals, Protocols, Top Talkers, Devices, Ping/Trace, Email and VoIP. The LanExpert starts a database of information as soon as the unit Links with the network. Some information is collected without running a specific test. Running other tests adds more information to the database. This data is saved until the Link is broken and then a new database is started. Saving “Detectors” will save all the information in the database to either internal memory or external flash-drive. The LaneXpert can Recall any internally save data. Data can be uploaded through the network or the external flash-drive and make a report using the LanExpert Console Application.
Stress Test
Q: Can I use only one tester to make RFC2544 and traffic generate? If so, which mode would I choose?
A: You can run the Stress Test using the two ports on one LanExpert. The Independent Mode must be selected to do the Stress Test with a single LanExpert. You can also conduct the Stress Test using two LanExperts. One unit is designated as the remote unit and both are set to the Single Ended Mode.
Q: Normally, how much time is needed to do a RFC2544 test? What does estimated time mean in every item of RFC2544?
A: To conduct a test that meets 100% of the RF2544 requirements would take about 2.5 days of continuous testing. This is typically only done in a laboratory environment and rarely (if ever) done in the field. Field tests are almost always customized by the user to provide a thorough test within a more reasonable time frame. For example, the RFC2544 requires testing with eight different packet sizes. A typical field test will reduce the number of different packet sizes, many times only using the largest and smallest packet size, which greatly reduces the test time. The test times shown for each test on the LanExpert are for the default settings, which we have picked for field tests. As the user changes the test parameters these estimated times will change so that the total test time is known before the tests are started.
Q: What is recall?
A: Recall allows the user to recall saved data to do more analysis at a later point in time. The data is displayed exactly how it was collected under Analyze Network.
Cable Test
Q: Under length mode, why do I get funny readings on pins 78?
A: Please make sure that the far end of the cable connected to the LanExpert is disconnected from the wiremap terminator or a network device.
Q: Can I measure cables other than network cables?
A: The LanExpert only measures copper network cables (ie. CAT3, 5, 5e, 6 and 6e) that have a NVP of 65 to 74.
Q: When I measure a patch cord, do I need to plug both ends into the LanExpert ports?
A: Under Cable Test for LanExpert 80, plug one end of your cable into Port 2 while the other end of the cable should be disconnected. Port 2 is marked on the LanExpert with a yellow outline. Make sure nothing is connected to Port 1 while making the measurement. Select start to measure the cable.
Q: Are there any other ways of measuring cable length?
A: Yes. Select Analyze Network. If there is no link on the cable the LanExpert will display length for each wire pair.
Q: Why do I have 50 different profiles?
A: There are 49 user-configured profiles and one factory default. Factory default is not changeable. The rest of the profiles are allowed to save settings related to different networks. This saves time so you only have to configure the setup once and not have to keep going back to change it.
Q: What do the different port configurations mean?
A: Single ended mode is where the LanExpert is connected to one network device using either Port 1 or Port 2. Inline must have both ports connected to two network devices. This allows the LanExpert to inspect the traffic going through it. Independent mode is where each port on the LanExpert has its own IP and MAC address. This is used to look at two different ports on the network or to run a RFC 2544 stress test with one LanExpert.
Q: Can I ping a website?
A: Yes, use a profile other than Factory Default. Select Ping/ Trace under setup. Press the down arrow once and select an Edit button next to an undefined list object. Enter in a name or a website. Please make sure a DNS server is running to resolve the name or website you have entered.
Q: Does the LanExpert detect VLANs?
A: Yes, go to Setup under Ports and scroll down once to enter a VLAN tag that the LanExpert detects.
Q: What is MAC cloning?
A: MAC cloning allows the LanExpert to simulate another network device by using its (the device in question) MAC address to detect issues originating from that device.
Q: The LanExpert will not power up?
A: The battery pack may need to be charged. Attach the AC adapter and verify the battery pack is being charged. The LanExpert can be used at the same time the battery pack is being charged.
Q: The battery pack is not charging or holding a charge, can it be replaced?
A: Yes, however it needs to be returned to the manufacture for replacement. Contact Psiber Data Systems for assistance.
Q: My LanExpert turned off while I was testing.
A: Select the battery symbol when power is turned back on. Select “stay on” option for both AC power and battery power. If the LanExpert doesn?t turn on, then plug in the AC power to charge the battery.
Q: My LanExpert is displaying the wrong time and/or date.
A: The first time the unit is powered on or if the time is lost there are a series of four dashed lines in the center of the top edge of the display. Touch the dashes or the displayed time with the stylus or fingertip and the time and date setup screen will appear. Adjust the time and/or date. Then touch the Exit button at the top right of the screen to go back to the previous screen.
Q: I lost my stylus can I use a pen or pencil?
A: No, any sharp pointed object will damage the touch screen. Contact Psiber Data Systems for replacement components.
Q: The screen is difficult to see in bright light.
A: Select the Battery Symbol in the top right of the screen. The POWER screen displays power timing options and illumination settings. The Illumination of the Backlight of the display and the LEDs intensity brightness options are dimmest at the leftmost and progressively brighten as boxes to the right are selected.
Q: The screen is frozen, what do I do to unfreeze it?
A: Hold down the power button for about 5 seconds to turn the unit off. Turn unit back on. Try to recreate the situation to see if the unit freezes again. If you can recreate the “freeze”, please email Psiber the exact situation that made your LanExpert freeze and we will look into it.
Q: My screen went blank then started cycling through different color screens, what do I do?
A: Hold down the power button for about 5 seconds to turn the unit off. Turn unit back on. Please email Psiber, if this happens multiple times, with the exact situation and we will look into it.
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