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New CableMaster 800 combined copper cable tester and IP network tester Faygate – October 27, 2014 – Psiber Data, the manufacturer of industry’s most advanced cable certifier WireXpert 4500, today announced the availability of a new network troubleshooting tool, CableMaster 800. CableMaster 800 is designed to assist network technicians and owners troubleshoot common network cabling and or IP configuration issues from a single affordable tester.

The new CableMaster 800 is equipped with an RJ45 jack for network cables and an F-type connector for coaxial cables. CableMaster 800 verifies wire map, determines the cable length and distance to the fault. The results can be saved and documented using the PC-based reporting software. In addition, the CableMaster 800 offers a multitude of network diagnostics features for trouble-shooting such as cable tracing, link detection up to 1Gb/s, Ping, network discovery, PoE tests and much more. “Today’s network managers and technicians require simple tools to assist in diagnosing whether a network problem is cable or hardware related” said Psiber Data in a statement. “CableMaster 800 series now addresses those needs in a single combination tool with an affordable price. For more information, please contact your Psiber Data representative.

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