WaveTester Series Test Kits

Many fibre optic network bids

And Requests For Quote (RFQ) are citing cabling standards to specify the set of guidelines (such as fibre length) that the network installer must follow during the network installation. Adherence to such standards is meant to ensure the
quality of the installation and guarantee that the network will perform
as it was designed.

The process of testing a network installation to ensure its adherence
to specified standards is called certification, and often requires hardcopy
documentation as proof of adherence to standards.

The WaveTester / WaveSource Quad Test Kit contains the tools
necessary for certifying fibre optic links against a myriad of popular
cabling standards in multimode and single-mode networks.

The WaveTester optical power meter is multimode and singlemode
ready, and can store reference values for all wavelengths used
for optical loss measurements. Up to 100 fiber runs may be stored,
and serially downloaded to a PC for report generation using our OWL
Reporter software.

The WaveSource Quad is a combined multimode / single-mode light
source. Its quad wavelength outputs (850 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, &
1550 nm) are temperature-stabilized for accurate measurements.
Two connector options are available (ST or SC).

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