With an unbeatable combination of a small pocket-sized form factor

A large high-resolution 2.8” colour LCD display, and some of the lowest pricing in the industry, OWLTrek Quad Kit OTDRs are the WISE choice for cost-conscious buyers who need to perform basic troubleshooting or restoration tasks on multimode and singlemode optical fibre networks. All this from OTDRs that really are pocket-sized and fair priced, yet have comparable features and specifications to other OTDRs in their class.

OWLTrek OTDRs are available as multimode, or singlemode. A further quad wavelength bundle containing 2 x OTDRs is also available.


* Dynamic Range / Distance: OWLTrek singlemode OTDRs are capable of finding breaks in singlemode optical fibers up to 80 miles to within +/- 2 meters. Additional splices and other loss producing events will limit end distance estimates.  This is true for all OTDRs.  However, passive singlemode Telco links are almost always less than 12 miles long.  At this distance, OWLTrek OTDRs have break finding capability of about +/- 1 meter !  In fact, increased dynamic range is actually a disadvantage in almost all cases because of the increased OTDR cost

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