Pinger Pro 70/75

Install, troubleshoot and manage networks easy

The PingerPro colour touch panel interface lets you select a configurable AutoTest that provides critical Link information, conducts network connectivity tests, including Ping and Trace Route, and provides switch port information in seconds.

The rugged weather resistant design lets you test anywhere and a rechargeable battery pack eliminates buying alkaline batteries. Whether you are installing new network drops or devices, monitoring network performance or troubleshooting problems, you can depend on the PingerPro to quickly provide all the answers you need.

General Information

The PingerPro brings a new level of connectivity testing with: fault location, Gigabit Ethernet capability, advanced IPv6 support, Logical Link Data Protocol (LLDP/CDP) and a powerful feature set that you will use every day. As a result, the PingerPro is the complete high performance first-response-tool, designed to solve your most frequent network problems. Installing new network drops or devices, monitoring performance or troubleshooting problems, the PingerPro quickly provides answers you need.

Detects Speed and Duplex of 10/100/1000 base TX Links
Verifies IP Address Assignment with the DHCP Client Test
Tests Connectivity Across a LAN/WAN
Measures Packet Response Time to Determine Network Performance
Captures the MAC Address of an IP Address
Transmits Link Activation Signals for Port Identification
Ultimate Ping Test
IPv4/IPv6 capability
Fast Auto Test
Configurable profiles
Switch Port information (CDP/LLDP)
Copper or Fiber connectivity verification capability
Cable length and fault identification
Wire Map and tone generator
Trace route information
Network device emulation (MAC cloning)
Power level on Fiber Measurement
Store hundreds of test results
Professional Report generator
Rugged weather resistant case
Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Easy touch screen interface
Multiple language capability
Built-in on-board help
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