WireXpert 4500

Most advanced cable tester up to 2.500MHz

Certify your data center and enterprise installations in the shortest time The WireXpert, with its unparallelled 2,500 MHz measurement range, is the first cable certifier with capability to certify the highest performance cabling systems in enterprise networks and data centers. Cable installers make significant gain in productivity with WireXpert‘s industry leading test speed and ease of use. With certification testing up to Class FA and CAT8 copper cabling, as well as MPO, SM and MM fiber optic cabling, WireXpert is ready for 40G and beyond. testimonial


Cabling systems are evolving rapidly, with CAT8 standard for copper cabling on the horizon, and rapidly growing use of MPO and Single Mode cabling for 40G Ethernet and beyond.  The powerful measurement engine of WireXpert 4500 performs the most complex cable certification tests accurately, and in a matter of seconds you will know the answer to “PASS or not?” WireXpert 4500 is your best, and probably the only investment in test instrument.  With a large number of application specific detachable test adapters, you can test many different types of cables and components.  WireXpert 4500 has test adapters for all categories of copper patch-cordsmulti-mode MPO cables, simplex multi-mode and single-mode links, industrial Ethernet cabling systems (1G and 10G), coaxial cables, and more. WireXpert 4500 even offers a range of specialised adapters for lab testing.  In fact, some of the most reputed cable vendors use WireXpert 4500 in their research labs to qualify newly developed cabling components. We welcome you to experience the speed of testing, accuracy, and simplicity of WireXpert 4500!

Most advanced cable certification for all standards: Class D/E/EA/FA, Category 5e/6/6A, and the new draft CAT 8 as well as ISO draft standards Class I and Class II
First cable certification up to 2500 MHz to support new TIA CAT 8 und ISO Class I and II draft standard
Fastest Autotest in less than 9 seconds
Measurement accuracy independently verified by ETL – Exceeds ISO Level V* (draft), IV and TIA Level IIIe Accuracy requirements
Endorsed by over 20 cable companies worldwide
Field upgradable with many options e.g. patchcord testing, Industrial Ethernet, Class FA
Perform extended Fiber certification for 850/1300 MM and 1310/1550 SM Fiber
First to support MPO Fiber testing for data centers
Easy to Use and ruggedized design
Fast and simple for highest productivity
Protects your Investment: Beyond 10G with CAT8 ready cable tester
Proven Accuracy independently verified by ETL
Approved by all major cable vendors world-wide
2 main certification test units
2 pcs. Li-Ion batteries
2 pcs. Cat 6A Permanent Link Adapter
2 pcs. Cat 6A Channel Adapter
2 pcs. talk set
Carry bag
ReportXpert PC software
Short user’s guide
USB Stick with reference manual
Calibration certificate
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