WireXpert 500

Certify up to 10 Gbits/sec cabling in 9 seconds

It is increasingly common today for electrical contractors to get projects for installing network cabling systems.  WireXpert 500 allows you to maximize the value you can provide to your customers, without adding complexity or heavy cost.  Your technicians can certify copper cabling systems from CAT5e to CAT6A (Class D to Class EA) easily with WireXpert 500, allowing you to produce professional test reports for your customer


Owners of network systems in SOHO and medium enterprises increasingly demand fully tested installations.  While technicians with good training and skills can handle the installations effectively, the challenge is to perform testing of these cables efficiently and with minimum cost.  WireXpert 500 is the latest addition to Psiber Data’s WireXpert product family, specifically designed for installers of copper network cabling systems.  It can test shielded and un-shielded cables to industry standard requirements.    

Note: If you have a requirement to test cabling systems in excess of cat6A, please take a look at the most advanced cable tester the WireXpert 4500. WX 4500 supports  installation testing on CAT8/40G cables, Class F/Class FA cables, or fibre and MPO cables

Advanced cable certification up to 500 MHz
Certifying according to stadards Class D/E/EA & CAT 5e/6/6A
Superfast Autotest time of 9 seconds
Meets TIA and ISO Level IIIe accuracy requirements
Certification testing of Patch-cords
Industrial Ethernet testing with M12 connectivity
Advanced reporting and documentation
Most affordable certifier for premise cabling and Industrial Ethernet
Save cost without compromising efficiency with best-in-industry test time
Graphical display on both local and remote units through DCS system makes testing fast and convenient
2 main certification test units
2 pcs. Li-Ion batteries
2 pcs. Cat 6A Permanent Link Adapter
2 pcs. Cat 6A Channel Adapter
2 pcs. talk set
Carry bag
ReportXpert PC software
Short user’s guide
USB Stick with reference manual
Calibration certificate
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