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Encircled Flux Multimode Adapter

New generation of Multimode Fibre Adapters adds full standards compliant fibre certification capability

A light source and power meter are used to measure the power loss and length of optical cables at 850 and 1300 nm. Certification of Multimode fibres has often been a contentious issue due to the inherent uncertainties in the measurement process. ISO/IEC and TIA have recently adopted a Encircled Flux (EF) standard that standardizes the launch condition for the light sources used in Multimode test equipment. The WireXpert’s new EF compliant adapters give you guaranteed compliance to the EF standard IEC 61280-4-1.

General Information

WireXpert offers two types of fibre adapters
– Multimode adapters perform standards based testing at 850nm and 1300nm on OM1 through OM4 multimode links
– Singlemode adapters perform standards based testing at 1310nm and 1550nm.

The fibre adapters have SC type connector on both transmit and receive ports.  Accurate testing of LC links is possible with use of optional LC Test Kits, available in both singlemode and multimode configurations. WireXpert supports Single Jumper referencing as specified in the IEC 14763-3 and TIA 568 C.3 standards for LC links. With the pluggable highly cocentric SC-LC replaceable adapters, there is a guaranteed repeatability of insertion loss measurements with variability of less than 0.1 dB.

Additionally, the receiver of multimode adapter can be used with MPO transmit adapter at the far end for testing MPO breakout links or MPO fanout.  In this mode, the MPO channel is detected and power measurement and loss testing is possible.  Test results can be saved for later reporting using ReportXpert.

Fast, 6-seconds autotest performs dual wavelength certification testing
Intuitive selection of test configuration and reference setting
Allows 1,2, or 3-jumper referencing
Seamless reporting in ReportXpert software with copper test results
Automated standards based label creation
Light source and power meter functions converts WireXpert into two independent instruments
Allows certification single fiber links in addition to duplex links
Allows loopback testing independantly using WireXpert local or remote units, doubling the test capacity
Improve productivity of technitians with easy setting and fast testing
Test single fiber links, trouble-shoot links with light source and power meter tools
Easy pictorial work-flow makes it easy to avoid human errors in testing
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